24-hour Cancellation Policy Hassle free

24 Hour Cancellation

Guests must cancel by email or Text using our Self Service cancelation links at least 24 hours before the scheduled start time to receive a full refund. We are not responsible for the following reasons for canceling within 24 hours

  • Flight Delays
  • Booked the Wrong Day
  • Injuries

If you booked through a third party like TripAdvisor, there is ZERO chance of a refund if you try to cancel within 24 hours of the tour. 

Just Book Direct!

We promise everything will be better if you book direct!

If you book directly through our website and need to cancel within 24 hours, you may fill out a refund request. Each situation will be handled case by case.

How to Cancel

Self Service Cancelation links are attached in post-booking emails and your confirmation text message. Simply click that link 24 hours prior to your tour and you're done.


We will cancel for foul weather


No refunds if you can't make it to your tour on time. The Top reasons guests are late include:

  1. Traffic
  2. Marina Parking
  3. Going to the wrong location
  4. Flight delays

WeatherIf you are concerned about the weather, we beg you to check the forecast 24 hours prior to the tour. You may cancel free of any charges if you are outside of 24 hours. Within 24 hours, we will make the call on whether or not to cancel. We will never take guests out if the weather is unsafe.

  • We will take guests out in less than optimal conditions.
  • We do operate during intermittent rain.
  • Breckenridge’s weather is not Frisco’s weather, even though they are 9 miles apart.
  • Our Naples tours are much farther south than the Naples forecast.

Attention: Reservations made through TripAdvisor

All bookings made through TripAdvisor are held to their cancelation policy. If you booked through them you must cancel or reschedule through TripAdvisor. There is no wiggle room on this. They are very difficult to work with and they refuse to provide better communication to our customers. In addition you have paid TripAdvisor, we don't see that payment until one month after your tour.

Post Booking Communication

Below you will find our detailed communication process after booking. It is super important to us to be as transparent as possible with our cancelation policy, but also to give you all of the important information you will need after booking a guided tour with Adventure Paddle Tours. We pride ourselves in providing what we promised and effective communication will aid in providing the most exceptional service possible!

TripAdvisor Bookings will not receive our automated emails. THIS IS NOT OUR CHOICE!

Confirmation Email & Text

This email & Text is comprehensive and will contain everything you need to know about your tour. It is important you check the tour date immediately! You may cancel or reschedule from these links

36 Hour Email

Sent out 36 hours before your tour. The intent of this email is remind you of our 24-Hour cancelation policy and give you ample time to cancel for a full refund. This email also includes the self service cancelation link.

22 Hour Text

This text is sent out 22 hours in advance with our meeting address. It is designed to give you ample time to plan ahead. Please, remember traffic 22 hours in advance might be better or worse at the time of your tour.


Communication is key and we will never use your information incorrectly.

Email Address

It is super important you enter the correct email address! If you don't receive any emails from us first check your junk folder, if it is not there please email us immediately. You should also receive a confirmation text displaying what email you entered.

Textable Phone

This is probably the most important information you can provide us! A textable phone number is the number one best thing you can do to receive all important information effectively. You can also reply to our text messages 24/7 and will produce the quickest response from us.


Due to robocalls, no one answers an unknown call. This has made communication via phone calls incredibly frustrating and ineffective.

We have spent considerable time and money investing in a corporate-size communication stream.

With the sole purpose of communicating effectively and timely with YOU!

100% of our one-star reviews are from guests that did not participate.

We take our reputation serious! We show you this in another attempt to be transparent and upfront. With every 1-star review we continue to make changes. The first negative review is from a customer who booked the incorrect date, it happens a TON! We now provide two text messages encouraging you to check the dates and two reminder emails. The second review is from a customer whoe entered in their incorrect email address. We now include the email address you entered in our confirmation text message. Within two weeks of this text we have corrected 3 email addresses. The third review is from a guest with Altidude sickness. There is nothing we can do about this, but it is why we suggest booking your tour on the second or third day in town. Please, don't book a tour the day of your flight!

Google Review 2021

"Joke of a company. Big thanks to Kyle for not responding to our messages about rescheduling. Fact is we got our days confused."

Frisco Google Reviews

TripAdvisor 2016

"I tried to call to speak to someone a number of times, but no one picked up and no one returned my call at that time. Very unprofessional. I came down with altitude sickness and did not think I should go kayaking."

TripAdvisor Reviews

Google Review 2016

"We didn't receive an email or notification telling us when or where to be prior to the tour."

Naples Google Reviews

Reviews are the lifeblood of a small business

We beg all guests and potential guests to accept our policies and processes. If we are all on the same page hopefully everyone involved will walk away with a mutual feeling of happiness and respect. By booking a tour with Adventure Paddle Tours you are agreeing to our policies and processes. Please don’t book a tour and expect us to follow a different process or expect our policies to be different for you. We don’t want negative reviews, but at the same time, we must draw a line in the sand. Please understand negative reviews don’t just dissuade customers, but they also negatively impact our website visibility. Essentially moving our storefront from Main street to 10th street.

In closing all of the above information is our attempt to be as transparent as possible. We do not want to take your money if you don’t participate, but at the same time if you don’t go we could have taken someone else! We would love to have you as a guest on any of our tours, but if you don’t feel it’s right for you or don’t agree with our policies and procedures then we kindly ask you to try something else. We have some great competitors we can recommend in Naples and there are more than enough activities to choose from in Frisco.

I strongly believe everyone today is conditioned by difficult cancellation processes and cumbersome call centers. These slowdowns were created by design by corporate America. That is not us! We do not want to take advantage of anyone nor do we want to be taken advantage of. We are somewhat hippy, but very professional kayak guides. Adventure Paddle Tours is a small company with three guides in Frisco, two guides in Naples, and one owner wearing many hats. We run this business following the golden run to treat everyone the way we would like to be treated!

I hope this information helps you understand why we have chosen these policies and processes and we hope to lead you on an amazing outdoor adventure!

In addition, I have included a list below of issues one might encounter after booking.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and I hope we have humanized this whole process!

Kayak Kyle

Founder Owner Operator since 2009

Our Policy and Why

Adventure Paddle Tours is a very small company and we operate during a very short peak season, in two of the most expensive towns in the country. We only employ the best and most reliable guides available. The fact that we are limited on the number of tours and seats available within a very short season means every single seat sold counts. In Florida, our tours are much smaller than the competition. This makes your tour more enjoyable, but also makes your seat that much more valuable to us.

We don’t want to take your money for nothing!

Most often we are sold out on peak days weeks in advance. That might sound like we are raking in the money, but please remember to every day we are sold out there are 30 days we can’t even operate. It is very expensive to operate out of the Frisco Bay Marina and we are only able to run tours there three to four months out of the year. In Naples, we are less limited by the season, but we are still limited by logistics and weather in Florida.

With that said we can not afford to refund any guests canceling within 48 hours of our tour. If you had not reserved that space someone else would have. Please, read more about how to lessen the chance of needing to cancel within 48 hours of your tour.

I booked the wrong day

Please, pay attention to the days you have booked. Enter your correct email address and phone number. During the peak season, a tour might be sold out for 2 weeks. If that is the case the system will show you the next available date. Be careful, sometimes people are looking to book tomorrow a Wednesday and the system might show them the next day available is Wednesday next week.

Flight Delays

Flight delays happen regularly at both of our locations. If you book a tour the day after your flight arrives you are accepting the risk of your flight being canceled or delayed. We are not responsible for that delay. If you don’t accept this, book your kayak tour a few days after you are scheduled to fly in.

Denver Traffic

If you book a morning tour especially on the weekends and plan to drive up that day from Denver, you better expect delays, especially on the weekends. I-70 traffic is notoriously bad! Please, understand when you use google maps to estimate the time of travel, google is using current traffic. That estimate will change during rush hour, weekends, and weather events.

Miami & Fort Myers Traffic

Florida drivers and traffic is crazy. If you plan to leave from Miami or Fort Myers the day of your tour, please give yourself extra time to account for any potential slowdowns.


Please, take extra time to adjust for searching for a parking space in Frisco, CO. We do not have parking issues in Florida.

Plan your vacation realistically

If you are jamming in multiple activities on every day of your stay you better expect to get worn out. Please, give yourself a rest day or maybe two. Booking a horseback riding tour or rafting trip just before your kayaking trip might not be the best idea.