48 Hour Cancellation

Guests must cancel by email at least 48 hours before the scheduled start time to receive a full refund. We are not responsible for the following reasons for canceling inside 48 hours

  • Flight Delays
  • Booked the Wrong Day
  • Injuries

We understand there are extenuating circumstances. Please, email us if you have questions about this policy.

How to Cancel

Simply click on the self cancel link attached to all confirmation emails.


We will cancel for foul weather

  • Lightning
  • High Winds
  • Heavy Rain


No refunds if you can't make it to your tour on time. The Top reasons guests are late include:

  1. Traffic
  2. Marina Parking
  3. Going to the wrong location
  4. Flight delays

Weather – If you are concerned about the weather we beg you to check the forecast 48 hours prior to the tour. You may cancel free of any charges if you are outside of 48 hours. Within 48 hours we will make the call on whether or not to cancel. We will never take guests out if the weather is unsafe.

  • We will take guests out in less than optimal conditions.
  • We do operate during intermittent rain.
  • Breckenridge’s weather is not Frisco’s weather even though they are 9 miles apart.

Our Policy and Why

Adventure Paddle Tours is a very small company and we operate during a very short peak season, in two of the most expensive towns in the country. We only employ the best and most reliable guides available. The fact that we are limited on the number of tours and seats available within a very short season means every single seat sold counts. In Florida, our tours are much smaller than the competition. This makes your tour more enjoyable, but also makes your seat that much more valuable to us.

We don’t want to take your money for nothing!

Most often we are sold out on peak days weeks in advance. That might sound like we are raking in the money, but please remember to every day we are sold out there are 30 days we can’t even operate. It is very expensive to operate out of the Frisco Bay Marina and we are only able to run tours there three to four months out of the year. In Naples, we are less limited by the season, but we are still limited by logistics and weather in Florida.

With that said we can not afford to refund any guests canceling within 48 hours of our tour. If you had not reserved that space someone else would have. Please, read more about how to lessen the chance of needing to cancel within 48 hours of your tour.

I booked the Wrong day

Please, pay attention to the days you have booked. Enter your correct email address and phone number. During the peak season a tour might be sold out for 2 weeks. If that is the case the system will show you the next available date. Be careful, sometimes people are looking to book tomorrow a Wednesday and the system might show them the next day available is Wednesday next week.

Flight Delays

Flight delays happen regularly at both of our locations. If you book a tour the day after your flight arrives you are accepting the risk of your flight being canceled or delayed. We are not responsible for that delay. If you don’t accept this, book your kayak tour a few days after you are scheduled to fly in.

Denver Traffic

If you book a morning tour especially on the weekends and plan to drive up that day from Denver, you better expect delays, especially on the weekends. I-70 traffic is notoriously bad! Please, understand when you use google maps to estimate the time of travel, google is using current traffic. That estimate will change during rush hour, weekends, and weather events.

Miami & Fort Myers Traffic

Florida drivers and traffic is crazy. If you plan to leave from Miami or Fort Myers the day of your tour, please give yourself extra time to account for any potential slowdowns.


Please, take extra time to adjust for searching for a parking space in Frisco, CO. We do not have parking issues in Florida.

Plan your vacation realistically

If you are jamming in multiple activities on every day of your stay you better expect to get worn out. Please, give yourself a rest day or maybe two. Booking a horseback riding tour or rafting trip just before your kayaking trip might not be the best idea.