Fewer People + More Wildlife = More Fun

Ditch the crowds of a typical Marco Island Kayak Tour

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Searching for kayak tours on Marco Island? Ditch the crowds and join Adventure Paddle Tours to spot more wildlife, and have more fun, minutes from Marco Island. With fewer people, you will spot more Manatees, Alligators, Dolphins, and an unbelievable amount of birds.  Hands down there is no other Kayak Tour near Marco Island where you will find more wildlife and fewer people, or your money back!

Our kayak guides are year-round career naturalists, not seasonal college students or interns.

We have always provided small group kayak tours offering a maximum of three timeslots throughout the day. These limited numbers increase wildlife sightings yet limit our visitor numbers. You won’t hear voices from a competing tour or fight for a parking space here.

Since 2009 we have focused on quality over quantity. This means by design we see fewer guests and have fewer reviews on most digital platforms, but don’t let that fool you we are proud to say

 98% of our online reviews are 5 out of 5 stars, and the other 2% are 4 out of 5 stars!

I didn’t come close to those types of scores in college!

Kayak Kyle

Owner/Operator – Bachelors of Science, Fisheries & Wildlife Biology, NCSU

GO Wolfpack!

Manatees and Mangrove Tunnels

525 Newport Dr

Ages 6 & up

3 HRs


Manatees, Numerous Wadding Birds, Alligators. Our top ranked tour 15 minutes from Downtown Marco Island. This route has more wildlife than any other location, Guaranteed!

Fakahatchee Wilderness

East River Park & Launch

Ages 6 & up

3.5 HRs


Alligators and numerous Birds. This tour goes deep into the mangroves!

Rookery Bay Sunset Tour

10 Shell Island

Ages 6 & up

2.5 HRs


Rookery Bay is the location all other companies operate on. The Sunset Tour is amazing, with numerous Birds flying in to roost for the night.