Everglades East River

Everglades East River

An Everglades Kayak Tour

3 hours | 8am, 8:30am, 9am | Easy to Moderate | $75, $94

An Everglades Kayak Tour Adventure

This is a true Everglades Eco Tour

East River Fakahatchee

This is an Everglades Kayak Tour

Our Everglades kayak tour is the quintessential backcountry experience in South Florida. With zero development, minus the dirt road used to access the water, one will immediately understand the vastness of Florida’s largest state park. Guests will kayak through this never-ending maze of mangrove tunnels and backwater lakes and can expect to see the American alligator, numerous log-legged wading birds, Osprey, and of course all four* species of Mangroves. This Everglades kayak tour paddles through primarily brackish water providing our guests with an amazing example of a well-preserved estuary. The numerous ponds and lakes connected to the Fakahatchee Bay in the Gulf of Mexico act as a nursery for snook, tarpon, sharks, and many more species. With strong paddlers, this route can reach the Fakahatchee Bay, although most tours will stay tucked in the protected ponds and tunnels. The Fakahatchee State Park acts as a buffer to the Everglades National Park

This tour is not affected by wind and tide. When the Manatees and Mangroves tour is too low we will switch guests to this tour.

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This tour meets at the "East River Canoe and park" in google maps. There is no address.