Manatees and Mangroves

Manatees and Mangroves

3 hours | 9am, 1:30pm | Moderate | $84

More Wildlife Fewer People

Our number 1 selling tour. This tour offers more wildlife sightings with fewer people, period. There is no better tour in the area!

Manatees and Mangroves

Our Manatees and Mangrove Tunnels Tour is by far our top-rated tour. Hands down, there is no other kayak route or company in Naples and Marco Island that offers a better opportunity to spot such a variety of wildlife. Manatees and Mangroves are not even half of what this tour offers. Guests will visit numerous ecosystems, including the Saltmarsh, a heavily visited feeding ground for Wood storks, White Ibis, Tricolored Herons, and the super rare Rosette Spoonbill. As kayakers venture deeper into the 10,000 Islands Wildlife Refuge, they will encounter the most extensive and complete Mangrove tunnels this county has to offer. Did we mention we are the only company kayaking this route?

  • Ages 14 and under must ride in a tandem with an adult

Please, note Manatees are spotted regularly on this tour during the winter months. In our opinion, it is still the best route in the Summer even with a minimal chance of spotting manatees.

  • Please, understand these are wild animals, meaning this is not a petting zoo and sometimes wild animals are difficult to find.

  • Guests Meet us at the Port of the Islands Marina
  • Here you will get in our shuttle van and we will drive 5 minutes to the put in
  • You will kayak back to the Port of the Islands Marina

  1. Manatees are spotted most often during the winter months. This route kayaks through a winter manatee safe zone.
  2. Sometimes, we have to switch this route to Fakahatchee due to low water. This is always a last minute decision and is based on wind direction
  3. This route requires certain tide and wind direction during the winter months.
  4. Not offered in the afternoon Mid June - Late October due to thunderstorms.