Stand Up Paddleboard Rentals

Servicing Turquise Lake, Twin Lakes and Leadville

Standup Paddleboard Rentals

Our standup paddleboard rentals are based out of Leadville, Colorado, perfectly located for a quick pickup while heading to Turquoise and Twin Lakes. Our Turquoise Lake Paddleboard rentals are offered using the most convenient pickup location and are guaranteed the most affordable paddleboard rentals per hour. Our paddleboard rentals are available for half days and full days with a return by the end of the day, or we offer overnight, 24-hour, and multiday paddleboard rentals at affordable prices. Our overnight rentals are the most convenient way to enjoy paddleboarding on Turquoise and Twin Lakes since there is no need to return them until you’ve packed up and headed home.

Best Rate Guarantee

Half day rentals at 2-hour prices

24 Hour Cancelation

No hassle, free cancelation 24 hours in advance, with easy self cancellation/rescheduling

New Equipment

All equipment rentals are brand new for the 2023 season!

Yoga Paddleboard

- More Info $65 -
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  • Extra Stable
  • Soft forgiving platform

Glide’s hardboard version redefined the SUP yoga market, and this inflatable version does the same. Pack it into your nearest lake to get your yoga practice more in touch with nature.  This board is slightly wider than our other offerings to give you more stability. Not only for Yoga, this is also a great option for the unsteady newbie or someone looking for a little more weight capacity.

Inflatable Paddleboard

- More Info $55 -
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  • Our Go-To rental
  • Perfect all-around board

The Glide O2 Retro inflatable paddle board is the catchall shape for any type of paddling. This is the perfect board for a beginner paddler or a seasoned pro looking for an all-around board. If you are simply looking for a great all-around inflatable paddleboard rental this is the board for you. With a weight capacity of 400 pounds and a modest width 99% of guests will prefer this paddleboard.

Hard Paddleboard

- More Info $55 -
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  • No hassle inflating
  • The go-to rental

Our hardboard rentals have the same shape and feel as our inflatables but can be more convenient for guests looking for a board they can immediately unload from their car or truck and hop in the water. These boards don’t require upkeep or maintenance before entering the water and are the most durable paddleboards today. Great for shoreline campsites on Turquoise Lake.

Fishing Paddleboard

- More Info $65 -
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  • Made for fishing
  • Extra Stable

The Glide inflatable Angler paddle board answers all your fishing woes. The extra-wide body and flat bottom provide ultimate stability for reeling in your next monster catch, while the 500 lbs carrying capacity, deck mounts, and extra bungees mean that you can take all the gear you’ll ever need on your next fishing excursion.

Rates and Details

Our standard rentals include all the gear necessary for a fun and safe day on the water. Guests should first choose the type of board they want to rent. You can customize the rental by increasing the timeframe or adding extra gear, such as a hard cooler or a waterproof case. The lowest advertised price is considered a half-day which is four hours. If you want to know the exact rental price, we suggest going through the booking process, selecting your board, timeframe, and any add-ons you choose. This will give you the exact price of your paddleboard rental.

Paddleboard Pick up Location

We are located at 131 C0-91 Leadville, CO 80461, If you are Traveling to Leadville from I-70 we will be the first business on the right just before entering Leadville. As your first stop, we can offer advice on trails, campsites, restaurants, and water conditions.

Included in all Paddleboard rentals

  • Paddle
  • PFD (lifejackets)
  • Leash
  • Whistle
  • Transportation Equipment
  • Tie-down Straps
  • Foam Blocks
  • Video How-To's
  • How to load your car
  • Paddleboard Strokes
  • Best Locations for SUP
  • Flexible Returns
  • Automated Text Reminders
  • No-hassle 24-Hour cancellation

Where to take our Paddleboard Rentals

Our paddleboard rentals are perfect for Turquise Lake and Twin Lakes.

Turquoise Lake Paddleboard Rentals

Located just under 5 miles away from Turquoise Lake, we are perfectly located to service your Turquoise Lake paddleboard rental. Our paddleboard rentals include all the necessary gear to transport your paddleboard safely and quickly to Turquoise Lake. We will help all of our guests load our rentals onto your car or truck. Guests are provided a video tutorial on how to strap down their paddleboard to their car properly. This video is super helpful when loading your paddleboard at Turquoise Lake at the end of your stay.

Twin Lakes Paddleboard Rentals

If you are visiting Twin Lakes from Denver or if you are arriving via I-70, we are perfectly located on Highway 24 next to the Safeway in Leadville. Our location lets guests knock out their last-minute camping, grocery shopping, and paddleboard pickup before heading off for a full day of paddleboarding and camping on Twin Lakes. Guests can take full advantage of our discounted extended paddleboard rentals, so there will be no need to return them halfway through your camping stay.

Homestake Reservoir Paddleboard Rentals

Homestake Reservoir is a hidden gem for paddleboarding and is best for guests looking for something off the beaten path. Powerboats are not allowed on Homestake, and you might need a higher ground clearance vehicle for access, think a Subaru, at the least. The fact that Homestake is more difficult to access than Twin lakes and Turquios and that Powerboats aren’t allowed makes this a perfect paddleboarding location for those looking for more solitude. If you plan to access Homestake from Leadville, we are again perfectly located for an easy pickup.

High Mountain Lake Paddleboarding

This is by far our favorite type of paddleboarding, but this might not be for the faint of heart. Guests can pick up our Glide inflatable O2 board backpack package already packed and ready for a hike. Weighing in at 35 pounds, fully packed guests can “backpack” in to a high mountain lake and enjoy paddleboarding in the most picturesque way possible. St. Kevin, Bear, and Timberline Lakes are just a few high alpine lakes worth exploring on a paddleboard.

For the serious fishermen, guests can backpack with our Glide O2 Angler boards. A little heavier at 42 pounds, but come standard with a rod holder and extra bungee storage. These boards are more stable but heavier something to consider if hiking to your paddleboard destination.

Manatees and Mangroves

Everglades Fakahatchee

Rookery Bay Sunset Tour

Located inside the Iconic Bill's Ski Shop

Guests can pickup all of their supplies for a fun action packed weekend of camping on Turquise Lake.

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