A Beginners Guide to Kayaking on Lake Dillon

Kayaking across Lake Dillon provides you with the chance to see breathtaking mountain views, explore nature, and see animals, all while enjoying time with family and friends. That being said, kayaking can be an intimidating experience if you?ve never done it before. If you?re visiting Lake Dillon and want to make the most of your weekend by taking a kayak adventure, you don?t have to let being a kayaking beginner scare you off from giving it a try. Here are our top tips for kayaking for beginners on Lake Dillon.

Come Prepared

One of the most essential parts of kayaking as a beginner is to make sure you come prepared with the right gear.

The first and most important thing is to make sure you have a life jacket. If you?re taking a guided tour with us on Lake Dillon, we will provide life jackets. If you?re kayaking on your own, make sure you have a Coast Guard approved life jacket that fits properly. Wear comfortable, weather-appropriate clothing. We also recommend wearing swimwear or athletic clothing that is non-cotton if you have that handy. Keep in mind that your clothes may get wet! If it?s a sunny day, be sure to wear a sun-shielding hat and sunglasses.

Also, make sure to wear sunscreen. Kayaking trips can range from an hour and a half to 3 hours, so make sure you?re hydrated and have a meal or a snack beforehand to make sure your energy will be sustained throughout the trip. If you plan on bringing your phone or a camera, make sure you have them store away safely and bring a waterproof case if possible.

Safety Precautions

Even when you?re prepared, there are certain safety cautions you need to take. First and foremost, you should file a floatplan, stating where you are going and when they plan on coming back. Especially as a beginner, you shouldn?t be kayaking alone. Make sure you have a kayak buddy or a group that can help you. As a beginner, you should stay close enough to the shore that it?s a distance you can easily swim. Do research of the area that you are going to be navigating through, and make sure you know the currents, tides, and weather forecast. Storms often pop up around 2 pm, so you should plan your trip with that in mind. Stick to kayaking on a day with mild weather and when the water temperatures won?t be too cold as a beginner. Bring a whistle that can be used as a distress signal in case of an emergency.

Take A Guided Kayak Tour on Lake Dillon

While being prepared and taking safety precautions will help you kayaking as a beginner, the best recommendation we have is to take a guided tour on Lake Dillon.

There are so many things that go into kayaking as a beginner, like making sure your kayak is adjusted properly, how to hold your paddle, the different types of kayak strokes, how to launch properly, and more. Some of these things may be difficult to handle without some guidance.

Adventure Paddle Tours provides award-winning guided kayak tours out of the Frisco Bay Marina at Lake Dillon. Our guides are highly trained to help you make the best out of your kayaking experiences, as well as give you the best views of nature through Lake Dillon you could possibly find. Book a tour with us today in Frisco and you won?t regret it!