The Perfect Day on Lake Dillon

Imagine a crisp, clear, spring day on Lake Dillon. It is just starting to get warmed by the cresting sun over the eastern mountain line. ?The skies are bluebird and the day is abound with possibility. ?What should we do on Lake Dillon today?

Walk the Dog on Lake Dillon

Fido at the beach on Lake Dillon

First, on the must-to-do list is walk/run the dogs, what better place than the 20-30 minute loop trail around the iconic Sapphire Point up on Swan Mountain road which connects Highways 6 by Keystone/Dillon/Silverthorne, Highway 9 and Breckenridge/Frisco. Don?t forget to look for Golden Mantle Squirrels. ?These guys are a rare little critter that inhabits the point. ?If you want to stay in Frisco, bring your dog down to the Frisco Bay Marina. ?The newly constructed sand beach has proven to be an excellent spot to encourage Fido to jump into Lake Dillon.

Eat Breakfast in Frisco

After that, it might be time for breakfast. Just down the hill and around one of the fingers of the lake is the thumb of the lake, a historic town called Frisco, Colorado. It is named after the first railroad whose tracks made its way through town along the line from St. Louis to San Fransisco. With a well established main street. ?There are many gems off the beaten path. There are tons of options to break the fast like; Abby?s Coffee, Butterhorn Bakery, or grab a breakfast burrito at the Log Cabin. ?Abby's Coffee is literally 100 yards away from the Frisco Bay Marina. ?You will often find Adventure Paddle Tours owneroperatort Kyle Mckenzie drinking multiple cups of amazing coffee!

Kayak Lake Dillon

Kayaking Lake Dillon
Kayaking Lake Dillon

Nothing complements a good breakfast like paddling around a glass calm alpine lake surrounded by mountains. Located at the end of Main Street is the Frisco Marina, which is a beautiful area to relax and enjoy the pristine surroundings. Walking around the marina you might see other people approaching the docks to go out fishing or take the ferry to Dillon, or even the rowing club carrying their streamlined rowboats out for practice. By now if the views and experience aren?t enough and you want the full experience from the water, take a tour with us at Adventure Paddle Tours located on the pier for a guided family-friendly nature tour to find the secret spots and maybe see the animals waking up.

Eat Lunch in Frisco

After a great paddle around the lake, it is time for lunch, The Island Grill located at the Frisco Bay Marina overlooks Lake Dillon and they?have amazing Fish Tacos. ?Perhaps a short walk down Main Street in Frisco for mac & cheese at Ollies or burgers and sandwiches at Silverheels Bar and Grill. ?All three restaurants are within walking distance of Lake Dillon

Bike Vail Pass

After lunch maybe take a bike shuttle up Vail pass. ?From the top, you can ride the paved bike path downhill for miles and miles past Copper Mountain and into Tenmile Canyon. Arriving back in Frisco gather up the family and head on over to Silverthorne via i70 or the Dillon Dam Road to The Mint restaurant for a unique grill your own steak at the oldest restaurant in Colorado, and one of the buildings that was moved along with the rest of the towns across the area that is now under Lake Dillon. Right next to The Mint are the outlets in Silverthorne stop for ice cream or a Colorado T-shirt and then off to the Dillon Marina for one of the best sunsets you will ever see, with the sun setting over Frisco and the islands you've kayaked and mountain trails you?ve hiked and biked!

Congratulations, you just had a perfect day around Lake Dillon!