Should You Take a Self-Guided or Guided Kayak Tour in Naples?

Are you in or traveling to Naples, Florida and want to go kayaking? Kayaking is a great way to explore the outdoors of Southwest Florida while also being active.

While Florida?s sandy white beaches are very popular, taking a kayak tour gives you a more ?off the beaten path? way to experience the nature of the area. There are a few different ways to take a kayak tour in the area. Many places offer kayak rentals where you can rent the kayak for a few hours and go on a self-guided tour, and there are also kayak tours where you are led on your kayak by a guide.

You may be wondering, which one is right for you? If you?re unsure of whether you should rent a kayak or take a guided kayak tour, we compiled a few considerations you should make when making your decision about kayaking.

What is your experience level?

A first question to ask yourself when going kayaking is what experience level and fitness level you are at.

If you are a beginner, you might think it?s better to get a rental and go on your own so you can go at your own pace. However, guided kayak tours are great for beginners!

Your kayak guide will keep it at a comfortable pace for beginners, and most tours are good for ages 6 and up. By having an expert with you, you also won?t have to worry about getting lost and will have someone to inform you of all the proper kayaking regulations and techniques.

We don?t recommend taking a self-guided tour until you are more comfortable kayaking on your own.

What kayak routes do you want to take?

Another thing to consider when you are taking a guided kayak tour is what route you want to take.

Many rental locations are in popular spots like the Gordon River or Wiggins Pass. While these are great places to kayak, they are not the most unique and you may run into many other kayak renters, especially in busy season.

By taking a guided kayak tour, you will get to experience more exclusive routes. Adventure Paddle Tours? guided kayak tours go through Fakahatchee State Park, Ten Thousand Islands National Wildlife Refuge, and Rookery Bay on the most unique routes offered in the area, so you get to see a different side of Southwest Florida not available on a self-guided tour.

Are you going by yourself or with a group?

Taking a self-guided tour is great if you are by yourself (given you have a comfortable experience level) or with a few people. But for groups up to 8, a guided kayak tour is a great experience.

We keep guided kayak tour groups small to be more intimate, but they are still great for families, groups of friends, or even coworkers taking an excursion. Once you get more than 2 or 3 people, it can be difficult to keep everyone together on a self-guided tour, but an expert guide can lead the way for your group and keep you on the right route.

Do you want to see Florida?s native wildlife?

If you want to see the native wildlife of Florida, a guided kayak tour is the right way to go.

Through our unique routes, we allow you to see the animals that reside in Florida?s mangrove forests like alligators, river otters, wading birds, and the Florida manatee.

Adventure Paddle Tours? guides are Florida Master Naturalists that are experts in animals and nature so they can point out the unique animals you encounter. While self-guided kayaking, you might get lucky and see some animals, but it?s much more likely to happen on a guided tour.

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As you can see, while self-guided kayak tours can be great, taking a guided kayak tour with an expert guide has a lot of unique benefits.

If you are ready to take a guided kayak tour in Naples with Adventure Paddle Tours, book online with us today!