Top Reasons to Kayak Naples, Florida

Naples, Florida is a popular vacation destination in Southwest Florida known for award-winning white sand beaches and luxury shopping and dining. Thanks to the great weather we experience year-round, another great thing to do when you are visiting the area is to explore the outdoors and see the natural ecosystems Southwest Florida has.

While the miles of beaches along the coastland are always popular, there?s more to see in Naples than that. If you are vacationing in Naples, there are also natural gems waiting to be explored further inland ? and you can get a unique experience exploring the unmatched beauty of Florida?s wildlife by kayaking!

For All Ages & Exercise Levels

One of the great things about kayaking is that it?s great for your health! Not only are you getting out in fresh air and sunlight, but you are getting an effective, low-impact workout for your core and upper body. You can choose a leisurely paddle or set a more rigorous pace for more intense exercise. This makes kayaking a fun activity for all age groups, so it?s perfect for the whole family when you?re on vacation.

Immerse Yourself in Nature

Just off the beaten path in Naples, you can find some untouched areas of nature to explore. There are several backwater and mangrove forest areas that you can explore via kayak, that you wouldn?t be able to see on a boat or walking trail.

The Ten Thousand Island Wildlife Refuge is located between Collier County and Marco Island and is a protected area of mangrove forest where you can explore and see over 200 species of fish, 189 species of birds, and innumerable plant species.

Another popular spot is Rookery Bay which consists of 11,000 acres of meandering rivers and mangrove forests of protected land.

Meet Florida?s Native Animals

There aren?t many places in Naples where you can get up close and personal with native animal species of Naples. The unique environment of the mangrove forests, which have a mix of saltwater and fresh water, creates an inimitable mix of wildlife.

In addition to the fish and birds you can see while kayaking, you can see loggerhead sea turtles, bottlenose dolphins, the American alligator, and the famous Florida manatee. Because kayaking causes very little disturbance to animals, you're likely to get more up close than you would on a Naples boat tour.

Take a Naples Kayak Tour Led by Expert Guides

The best way to kayak in Naples is to get the full kayak tour experience, led by experienced guides who are Certified Florida Master Naturalists.

Adventure Paddle Tours offers guided kayak tours for small groups up to 8, where your group will be led on the most unique routes in the area by our guides through the Ten Thousand Island Wildlife Refuge, Fakahatchee State Preserve, and Rookery Bay Reserve.

To book a guided kayak tour with us, visit our kayak tour page for more information and book with us today!

Things To Do in Naples, Florida

Are you taking a trip to Naples, Florida sometime soon?

Naples is consistently rated as one of our country?s best vacation spots, best places to retire, and was even ranked as one of America?s Happiest cities for three years in a row. With the beautiful warm weather in Southwest Florida, Naples is a popular vacation spot, particularly in the weekend months.

Whether you are taking a quick weekend trip or escaping the weather up north to spend your winter months down here, there are plenty of things to do while in Naples.

Popular Shopping & Dining in Naples

One of the best things to do in Naples is to enjoy the variety of dining options. There are over 700 restaurants in Naples, with a variety of cuisine ranging from casual to fine dining. There are also many great places to go shopping, and with the year-round great weather, we have many popular outdoor areas where you can shop and dine.

A popular spot in Naples is 5th Avenue South, which is in the heart of downtown Naples. Here you can find fine dining options like Ocean Prime or Trulucks, casual cafes, ice cream shops, and more. Whether you?re looking for a fancy dinner, casual happy hour, or a quick lunch, you can find somewhere here. Most restaurants have outdoor seating, the area is walkable and there are also shops and entertainment options around.

Another popular dining option in Naples is Celebration Park. The new spot, which opened in 2018, is the perfect place to enjoy a casual night in Naples. It features a range of popular local food trucks like Dilly?s Seafood and Gigi?s Gourmet, as well as a full bar with outdoor seating. They also have happy hour, daily drink specials, and live music.

Finally, there is Mercato in North Naples. This is a popular spot for shopping, dining, and nightlife in Naples. Restaurant options range from fine dining to casual. Silverspot movie theater is a great spot to catch a movie and enjoy the full kitchen and bar.

Outdoor Things to do in Naples

Dining and shopping are great things to enjoy in Naples, but what really sets it apart from other vacation destinations is enjoying the great weather with beautiful outdoor activities.

Naples is most known for its beautiful beaches which are often ranked among the best beaches in the world. With 16 miles of shoreline, there are many different access points where you can park and walk to the beach and enjoy the soft white sand, clear waters, and ocean air. Popular beaches include the Naples Pier, Vanderbilt Beach, and Clam Pass.

Other attractions in Naples include the Naples Botanical Gardens, where you can explore 170 acres of preservation land and cultivated gardens; or the Naples Zoo, where you can see giraffes, big cats, lemurs, and more.

If you?re looking to get the most out of the outdoors in Naples, one of the best things to do will be to take a guided kayak tour in Naples.

Take A Guided Kayak Tour in Naples, Florida

A great way to make the most of your vacation, enjoy the outdoors, and experience the beautiful scenery that Naples has to offer is to take a guided kayak tour through the mangroves.

Adventure Paddle Tours offers expertly guided kayak tours through the East River Fakahatchee State Park, Rookery Bay, and Port of the Islands Marina.

The tours are great for beginners, ages 6 and up, and give you the opportunity to explore the mangroves and see animals like manatees and river otters. For small groups of up to 8 guests per tour, our award-winning guides will lead your group and help you get the best experience of Florida?s natural ecosystem.

To take a guided kayak tour with Adventure Paddle Tours in Naples, book online today!