There are so many things to do on and around Lake Dillon that you probably can?t do them all in one day.? You can hike, bike, sail, kayak, motorboat, camp, and even play disc golf all on lake Dillon.? Below is a small list of my favorite things to do on Lake Dillon and if these activities don?t fit your families needs don?t worry there are still more things to do on Lake Dillon.?

Take a kayak tour

Kayak with moose

Obviously, I believe kayaking is the absolute best way to enjoy Dillon reservoir.? If you take one of our early tours launching around 9 am, you are able to experience Dillon when few other boaters are out and about.? We offer some pretty cool kayaking options; we have our top selling 2.5-hour island kayak tour, hour 1.5-hour family kayak tour, a sunset tour and new this year is our boat assisted kayak tour.? Adding a pontoon boat to our services allows us to now kayak all the way down the blue river arm and kayak to the Dillon side of the lake.? We?ve been guiding on the Frisco side of the reservoir for 10 years and now that we are able to kayak to the Snake River it?s like we are on a whole new lake! Feel free to Book a tour online!

Take a sailing lesson

Some of you may know that Dillon is also an amazing lake to sail on.? I actually live on a 23 foot Oday and have been for 2 summers now.? You can rent or take a lesson from WindRider of the rockies. They operate right next to us out of the Frisco Bay Marina.? Their website has three boats listed for rentals but I?m pretty sure they have 5 sailboats in their fleet.? The three listed on their website are a Catalina 18, a Santana 22 and an Ensign 22.? It?s usually best to sail on Dillon between 11 am and 2 pm.? This time frame allows the wind to pick up just enough for some sporty sailing and if you get back before 2 pm you are usually off the water before any thunderstorms roll in. ?

Book a fishing trip

Brown Trout on Ten Mile Creek

Randy Ford with Alpine Fishing Adventures has been crazy successful this year landing some big trout on Dillon Reservoir.? Just check out his Instagram page I?m pretty impressed.? They also operate out of the Frisco Bay Marina and run fishing trips on their 22 foot G3 pontoons.? I joke with my guests on kayak tours that they run on the fastest pontoon boat ever built.? If you are looking to do some fishing on Dillon reservoir or just cruise around with a great Captain Randy is your guy!

Play Disc Golf

The Disc Golf course on Lake Dillon is spectacular.? You will access it from highway 9 just south of Frisco going towards Breckenridge.? Enter the Frisco Recreation peninsula into google maps or GPS.? The course has 18 holes and a number of views of Lake Dillon.? There is also a bike and hiking trail here.? Dogs typically run free on the course, but be careful because early summer there are often moose around closer to the lake.?

Go Camping

Camping in Colorado

There are 5 campgrounds on Dillon Reservoir. Heaton Bay, Pine Cove, Windy point, Prospector, and Peak one are all within walking distance to the shores of Dillon Reservoir.? These campgrounds often fill up on busy weekends but I?ve been told either at Prospector or Lowry if you walk up the day of they will make room for tent campers in a large field.? There is nothing worse than driving a long distance to find there are zero campsites available.? However, if you find yourself stuck here with no site feel free to give us a call.? There are 100s of dispersed campsites in the County that aren?t listed on the web. ?

Hike or Mountain Bike

The Peaks trail, the peninsula trail, lily pad lakes, old Dillon reservoir, Royal Mountain, North Ten Mile Creek.? These are hikes that I was able to list off the top of my head within a minute.? I?m blown away every day when I decide to go hike and have so many options.? There are beginner trails like Lilly Pad or the Peninsula Trail or there are much harder and steeper trails like Royal Mountain, all at some point during the hike will give you impressive views of Lake Dillon.? There is one very important thing you must consider if you plan on mountain biking.? Mountain Biking is strictly prohibited in Wilderness Areas, this would include most trails within the Gore Range and in Silverthorne on Ptarmigan Peak.