Dillon Explorer (Boat Supported)

Frisco, CO

Dillon Explorer (Boat Supported) - $84

Frisco Bay Marina

Ages 6 & up

3 Hours

The Dillon Explorer is our answer to our prevailing afternoon west winds. This tour kicks off from the Frisco Bay Marina and kayaks away from the marina never turning back to kayak against our west winds. Utilizing the west wind kayakers can expect to paddle through Giberson Bay, Heaton Bay and Pirates cove located on Sentinal Island. This tour covers all of the sights and stories of our top selling Island Tour, but will end on the Blue River side of the Reservoir with a boat pick up from the Mother Ship. Guests can expect to kayak for  2.5 hours followed up with a 20-minute boat ride back to the marina. This is our newest route offering on Dillon Reservoir and the utilization of our 24-foot pontoon opens up endless possibilities for exploration.