When is the best time to Kayak on Lake Dillon?

Simply put, the best time to kayak on Lake Dillon is in the morning.? No ifs, ands, or buts about it. Why is this the case? There are three major factors to think about when kayaking on Lake Dillon - wind, thunderstorms and traffic.

All three factors almost always have little to no effect on kayaking the Dillon Reservoir in the morning but come in the later hours of the day. This is why we have always been hesitant to offer a 12 pm or 2 pm kayak tour on Lake Dillon months in advance. There is at least a 30% chance that we will be refunding you for your afternoon tour due to these factors, or at the very least you missed out on the better kayak tour in the morning.

This year, we are now offering an early bird kayak tour that departs from the marina at 8 AM ? the very best time to kayak on Lake Dillon. The Early Bird kayak tour is the same award-winning, 2.5-hour Island Kayak Tour route we have offered for the past 10 years but better. If you still are not convinced you should book our early bird kayak tour, how about a discount?? Our Early Bird 2.5 Hour Island Tour is 10% cheaper than all other Island Tours.? Most often the best kayak tour is more expensive, but this is a supply and demand discount. Almost all visitors to Summit County are capable of making it to our 9 am kayak tour and that kayak tour sells out often but not as many are willing to wake up early to do our 8 am kayak tour. Trust me, you will not regret kayaking with us at 8 am!

Wind and Kayaking Dillon Reservoir

99 out of 100 days in the mountains of Colorado, the mornings will have calmer winds.? The reason for this is, as the sun rises it heats up the air at the earth?s surface, as this air heats, it starts to rise giving room for the higher winds in the atmosphere to fill this void at the earth?s surface. It is always windy high up in the atmosphere and when there is room down low it will blow. So, with only this one constant in mind - it is always best to launch your kayak on the Dillon Reservoir at least by 9 am and try to be off the water by 12 pm.

The number one question from our guests about kayaking early is - will it be too cold to kayak early in the morning? It is somewhat counter-intuitive but kayaking at 50 degrees with zero wind and waves is much warmer than kayaking at 70 degrees with 15 mile an hour winds and waves. Plus, kayaking with zero wind at 8 or 9 am is much more enjoyable! This is why we offer discounts for our 8 am Early Riser kayak tour to encourage all of our potential kayakers to join us at 8 am.

We also provide our kayakers with splash tops to keep you dry, spray skirts that keep the water out of the kayak and we utilize the sit inside style sea kayaks, designed for colder waters and temperatures.? Kayaking gloves are also available year-round but are usually only needed in mid-May and late September. Our kayakers on Dillon are also required to wear our provided life jackets that provide insulation as well.

Thunderstorms on Dillon Reservoir

If you have spent any time hiking, biking or fishing in Colorado then you have probably come close to a lightning strike. Many times I have been fly fishing with no rain in sight and bam, lightning!

Colorado?s dry air during thunderstorms in the afternoons tend to trick kayakers since the rain often evaporates before hitting the ground, giving you a false sense of safety. You need moisture in the air to cause a lightning strike.? In other parts of the country, you tend to go inside long before the thunderstorms hit because you?ve been getting rained on for the last 10 minutes.? That is often not the case in Colorado.? Usually, sometime in late June we really start to see our monsoon season pick up and almost half of our afternoons on Dillon Reservoir will see thunderstorms. These thunderstorms may only last minutes, they will roll in fast and furious and then the rest of the day is perfect.? However, those 5 to 10 minutes kayaking on Lake Dillon during an afternoon thunderstorm can ruin your vacation and even your life!

This high chance of afternoon thunderstorms is the number one driver of why we try our hardest to encourage all kayakers on lake Dillon to book our guided kayak tours as early in the morning as possible.

Boater Traffic on Lake Dillon

It is not guaranteed that there will be high winds or thunderstorms on Dillon Reservoir in the afternoon and we sometimes have great kayak tours at 12 pm. However, I can guarantee that on that bluebird, zero wind day the afternoon will be busy on the water!

It is always amazing the response we see from our kayakers at 8 or 9 am vs. our kayakers at 12 pm on the exact same kayak tour on the same day. The parking lot at the Frisco Bay Marina will always have plenty of parking at 8 am, even on Saturdays but if you try to find parking at 12 pm, you better arrive 30 minutes early and expect to park 10 minutes away from Dillon Reservoir.

Not only is it easier to park close to Dillon Reservoir it is a much more relaxing eco-tour, kayak experience early in the morning.? If you are kayaking at 8 am on Dillon you can expect to see zero boat rentals, more wildlife and possibly other kayakers.? I always joke with our kayakers returning at 11:30 to the Frisco Bay Marina and say, ?look, this is the only kind of rush hour I can handle?.

Book An Early Bird Kayak Tour on Lake Dillon With Adventure Paddle Tours

In closing, there is no question that kayaking on Dillon Reservoir is best early in the morning.? This is why the popular rowing club out of the Frisco Bay Marina is often leaving Dillon Reservoir when we are first launching.? If I felt we could book enough guests at 7 am we would do it!? Again, there are fewer boaters, less wind and almost zero chance of thunderstorms at 8 am on Dillon Reservoir.? If you are kayaking on your own or thinking of booking a guided kayak tour with us please consider launching first thing in the morning and taking advantage of our early bird kayak tour deal!

Things to Do One Hour Outside of Denver, CO

If you?re a Denver local, there?s plenty of things to do in town, but there are also a lot of awesome activities outside of it.

From stunning mountain views to exciting events, Colorado has a lot to offer, and Denver is a perfect central hub for many of these locations.

If you?re looking to get out of the city this summer and take a day trip somewhere new to find some hidden gems around Colorado, look no further than this post! Here?s a list of the top things to do 1 hour outside of Denver, CO.

White River National Forest

The White River National Forest is about an hour and 23-minute drive from Denver. The area spans about 2.3 million acres of land and spans several cities in Northwest Colorado ? so there?s no shortage of activities to enjoy in the most visited national forest.

You can pop into the Supervisor?s office in Glenwood Springs to get activity ideas and trail maps. There are 4 major reservoirs, 2,500 miles of trails, and 8 wilderness areas. Some popular destinations within the forest include the Maroon Bells Scenic Area, the 82-mile Flat Tops Scenic Byway, and the Crystal Mill near Marble, Colorado.

Rocky Mountain National Park

The Rocky Mountain National Park is another extremely popular National Park about an hour and a half outside of Denver.

The area draws 4.5 million annual visitors and covers 415 miles of mountains which includes 355 miles of hiking trails, 147 lakes and 77 mountains taller than 12,000 feet.

It?s also a great spot for wildlife viewing ?you can see elk, bighorn sheep, moose, and birds. It?s also home to the historic village of Estes Park, which is a popular tourist destination.

Red Rocks Park & Amphitheater

Just outside of Denver is Red Rocks Park, which is home to Red Rocks Amphitheater, one of the most famous concert venues in the world that?s carved out of the park?s ochre sandstone.

Outside of the amphitheater, the park also has tons of beautiful trees, wildflowers, wildlife, and views for you to explore. There are hiking trails, mountain biking, and horseback riding, as well as several regular events like ?Yoga on the Rocks? or ?Film on the Rocks?.

Frisco, Colorado: Frisco Bay Marina & Lake Dillon

Frisco is a quintessential mountain town perched between the mountains and the lakes just an hour outside of Denver and is the perfect place for a weekend getaway or a day trip.

Frisco?s main street is home to locally owned shops and restaurants, and the Frisco Adventure Park offers a lift-assisted tubing hill, beginner ski ride and hill, and more. In the summer, the Adventure Park has a free skate park, bike park and disc-golf course.

The Frisco Bay Marina is the perfect spot to enjoy a Colorado summer with boat rentals, fishing, and paddle boarding.

The Frisco Bay Marina is home to Adventure Paddle Tours, which offers guided kayak tours on Lake Dillon through the Dillion Reservoir. These unique guided kayak tours allow you to see the abundant wildlife and breathtaking mountain views in the area. The small group tours are intimate, and you will be led by an expert kayak guide that has extensive knowledge of the local ecosystems and waterways.

Book A Guided Kayak Tour on Lake Dillon Today!

There are plenty of fun things to do around Colorado but taking a guided kayak tour on Lake Dillon in Frisco, CO is one of the best attractions the area has to offer.

If you are ready to get out of Denver and explore nature, book a guided kayak tour with Adventure Paddle Tours in Frisco.

Our tours vary from a 1.5 hour family tour, sunset tours, and pontoon-boat assisted afternoon tours. Find the best kayak tour for your group and book online today!


Should You Take a Self-Guided or Guided Kayak Tour in Naples?

Are you in or traveling to Naples, Florida and want to go kayaking? Kayaking is a great way to explore the outdoors of Southwest Florida while also being active.

While Florida?s sandy white beaches are very popular, taking a kayak tour gives you a more ?off the beaten path? way to experience the nature of the area. There are a few different ways to take a kayak tour in the area. Many places offer kayak rentals where you can rent the kayak for a few hours and go on a self-guided tour, and there are also kayak tours where you are led on your kayak by a guide.

You may be wondering, which one is right for you? If you?re unsure of whether you should rent a kayak or take a guided kayak tour, we compiled a few considerations you should make when making your decision about kayaking.

What is your experience level?

A first question to ask yourself when going kayaking is what experience level and fitness level you are at.

If you are a beginner, you might think it?s better to get a rental and go on your own so you can go at your own pace. However, guided kayak tours are great for beginners!

Your kayak guide will keep it at a comfortable pace for beginners, and most tours are good for ages 6 and up. By having an expert with you, you also won?t have to worry about getting lost and will have someone to inform you of all the proper kayaking regulations and techniques.

We don?t recommend taking a self-guided tour until you are more comfortable kayaking on your own.

What kayak routes do you want to take?

Another thing to consider when you are taking a guided kayak tour is what route you want to take.

Many rental locations are in popular spots like the Gordon River or Wiggins Pass. While these are great places to kayak, they are not the most unique and you may run into many other kayak renters, especially in busy season.

By taking a guided kayak tour, you will get to experience more exclusive routes. Adventure Paddle Tours? guided kayak tours go through Fakahatchee State Park, Ten Thousand Islands National Wildlife Refuge, and Rookery Bay on the most unique routes offered in the area, so you get to see a different side of Southwest Florida not available on a self-guided tour.

Are you going by yourself or with a group?

Taking a self-guided tour is great if you are by yourself (given you have a comfortable experience level) or with a few people. But for groups up to 8, a guided kayak tour is a great experience.

We keep guided kayak tour groups small to be more intimate, but they are still great for families, groups of friends, or even coworkers taking an excursion. Once you get more than 2 or 3 people, it can be difficult to keep everyone together on a self-guided tour, but an expert guide can lead the way for your group and keep you on the right route.

Do you want to see Florida?s native wildlife?

If you want to see the native wildlife of Florida, a guided kayak tour is the right way to go.

Through our unique routes, we allow you to see the animals that reside in Florida?s mangrove forests like alligators, river otters, wading birds, and the Florida manatee.

Adventure Paddle Tours? guides are Florida Master Naturalists that are experts in animals and nature so they can point out the unique animals you encounter. While self-guided kayaking, you might get lucky and see some animals, but it?s much more likely to happen on a guided tour.

Book A Guided Kayak Tour in Naples Today

As you can see, while self-guided kayak tours can be great, taking a guided kayak tour with an expert guide has a lot of unique benefits.

If you are ready to take a guided kayak tour in Naples with Adventure Paddle Tours, book online with us today!

Mangroves & Manatees: Your Guide to Florida?s Top Sights

Kayaking in Naples is one of the best ways to immerse yourself in nature and to get to see a different side of Southwest Florida then the white sand beaches we all know.

When you start talking about nature in Florida, two of the first words you?ll hear are mangroves and manatees. The Florida mangroves are a popular site to see, with several nature preserve areas consisting of mangrove forests you can explore. The Florida manatee is an endangered species native to Southwest Florida that is loved by all.

That?s what makes Mangroves & Manatees kayaking one of the most popular kayak tours to take in Naples. Learn more!

Inside SWFL?s Mangrove Forests

Mangroves are tropical trees that thrive in salty coastal winters with the ebb and flow of the tide. There are 3 types ? red, black and white.

Mangrove forests develop on saltwater coasts, and Florida is one of the only states you can find them. They dominate as coastal vegetation, and once you get off the beaten path of the well-known beaches in Naples, you?ll find the beautiful intricate mangrove forests that make up Southwest Florida?s most popular kayaking areas.

The mangrove forests along the Southwest Florida coasts are one of the most extensive mangrove ecosystems in the world. Fish flock to mangroves, as well as many other animals like loggerhead turtles, birds, and of course manatees - making it a great place to go kayak fishing or simply explore nature.

About the Florida Manatee

The Florida manatee is one of the most beloved creatures, which is a must-see for anyone visiting Naples from out of town. They are even the state?s marine mammal!

Manatee populations have historically been endangered and threatened ? mainly due to boating accidents where they get injured or killed by boat propellers. Kayaking is a great way to see manatees and explore their natural habitat without damaging it or threatening their lives.

Manatees love mangroves, they use them for food and a quiet place to rest and raise their young. When kayaking through the mangrove forests, you?ll often encounter the Florida manatee. Because of their docile nature, you can often get close and see them floating or playing in the water or snacking on sea grass.

Take A Guided Kayak Tour Through the Mangroves (and Maybe See Some Manatees!)

The best way to navigate through the mangrove forests and get up close and personal with a manatee is to take a guided kayak tour led by an expert guide.

Adventure Paddle Tours top-rated Mangroves & Manatee Tunnels Kayak tour is a 3-hour tour out of the Port of Islands Marina ? tucked between Everglades National Park, the Ten Thousand Island Nation Wildlife Refuge, Big Cypress National Park, the Picayune Strand, and Fakahatchee State Preserve.

This unique route is surrounded by mangrove forests where our Florida Certified Naturalist Guide can lead you to unbeatable opportunities to spot manatees, alligators, river otters, and more.

To take a guided kayak tour with Adventure Paddle Tours, book online with us today!

Top Reasons to Kayak Naples, Florida

Naples, Florida is a popular vacation destination in Southwest Florida known for award-winning white sand beaches and luxury shopping and dining. Thanks to the great weather we experience year-round, another great thing to do when you are visiting the area is to explore the outdoors and see the natural ecosystems Southwest Florida has.

While the miles of beaches along the coastland are always popular, there?s more to see in Naples than that. If you are vacationing in Naples, there are also natural gems waiting to be explored further inland ? and you can get a unique experience exploring the unmatched beauty of Florida?s wildlife by kayaking!

For All Ages & Exercise Levels

One of the great things about kayaking is that it?s great for your health! Not only are you getting out in fresh air and sunlight, but you are getting an effective, low-impact workout for your core and upper body. You can choose a leisurely paddle or set a more rigorous pace for more intense exercise. This makes kayaking a fun activity for all age groups, so it?s perfect for the whole family when you?re on vacation.

Immerse Yourself in Nature

Just off the beaten path in Naples, you can find some untouched areas of nature to explore. There are several backwater and mangrove forest areas that you can explore via kayak, that you wouldn?t be able to see on a boat or walking trail.

The Ten Thousand Island Wildlife Refuge is located between Collier County and Marco Island and is a protected area of mangrove forest where you can explore and see over 200 species of fish, 189 species of birds, and innumerable plant species.

Another popular spot is Rookery Bay which consists of 11,000 acres of meandering rivers and mangrove forests of protected land.

Meet Florida?s Native Animals

There aren?t many places in Naples where you can get up close and personal with native animal species of Naples. The unique environment of the mangrove forests, which have a mix of saltwater and fresh water, creates an inimitable mix of wildlife.

In addition to the fish and birds you can see while kayaking, you can see loggerhead sea turtles, bottlenose dolphins, the American alligator, and the famous Florida manatee. Because kayaking causes very little disturbance to animals, you're likely to get more up close than you would on a Naples boat tour.

Take a Naples Kayak Tour Led by Expert Guides

The best way to kayak in Naples is to get the full kayak tour experience, led by experienced guides who are Certified Florida Master Naturalists.

Adventure Paddle Tours offers guided kayak tours for small groups up to 8, where your group will be led on the most unique routes in the area by our guides through the Ten Thousand Island Wildlife Refuge, Fakahatchee State Preserve, and Rookery Bay Reserve.

To book a guided kayak tour with us, visit our kayak tour page for more information and book with us today!

Kayak with Wildlife in Naples, Florida

One of the things that makes kayaking in Southwest Florida so exceptional is the ability to see all the unique wildlife that this area has to offer.

By taking a kayak eco-tour through the national parks, backwater wilderness areas, and mangrove ecosystems in Naples, it gives you the opportunity to spot rare animals in an intimate nature setting.

Find out what animals you can see when kayaking in Naples and learn more about them.

Rare Birds in Naples

There are several rare bird species that are native to the mangrove forests of Florida that you will be able to see as you kayak. Whether you are a bird enthusiast or not, you will be excited to spot these unique creatures in their peaceful habitat.

Great blue herons, little blue herons, green herons, and snowy egrets are a common sight that can be regularly seen resting around the area, and you can observe them wading over the shallow water as they look for prey. Least terns are the smallest type of tern in North America and are also a commonly spotted species in the area.

The yellow-crown night heron is an elusive bird that can be found throughout the mangrove forests. Finally, is the rosette spoonbill, a type of wading bird named for its spoonbill shaped beak, which is used for the specific type of foraging known as tactile feeding.

See Fish in Naples? Waters

While kayaking through the Florida waters, you are going to be up close and personal with many different species of fish that inhabit the area. In mangrove forests and backwater areas, you will find some of Florida?s most desired sport fish species including redfish, mullet, tarpon, jack crevalle, snook, mangrove snapper, baby Goliath grouper, and redfish. You may even see a bull shark, which is one of the most unique sharks in the world, capable of swimming 100s of miles upstream into 100% freshwater.

Other Unique Animals in Naples

Birds and fish aren?t the only unique wildlife you can see when you kayak in Naples. River otters can frequently be spotted in mangrove forests and backwater routes. The southwest Florida coast is also one of the two nesting areas in the world for loggerhead sea turtles, so on a rare event you could see one swimming as you kayak through the water.

Bottlenose dolphins are the most common type of dolphin you can often see their fins pop up as they plunge through the water. You may also spot the famous American alligator lurking in the shallow waters around the mangrove forest.

Kayak with Manatees in Southwest Florida

One of the most popular and exciting animals to kayak with in Naples is the Florida Manatee. The only population of manatees in the United States is found in the state of Florida, with many of them right in our backyard in the Southwest Florida waters. They can be found in fresh, brackish or saltwater and many of them live around the backwaters and mangrove forest. Because they move slowly through the water, they are easy to spot and get up close and personal with as you kayak.

The Most Unique Kayak Routes in Naples, Florida

Adventure Paddle Tours offers the most unique kayak routes in Southwest Florida, rooted in conservation, giving you the opportunity to see the beautiful wildlife that this area has to offer.

According to Florida?s Paradise Coast, the Rookery Bay Preserve, 10,000 Island Wildlife Refuge, and Fakahatchee Strand Preserve State Park are 3 of the best places to spot wildlife in our region, which are where all of our kayak tours are operated.

You will be led by our experienced guides who are Certified Florida Master Naturalists. To get the full eco-tour experience in Naples, book a guided kayak tour today!

Trip Report: Naples Kayak Adventures

Yesterday, we had two great Naples kayak adventures on the East River.? Both kayak tours were small in number, with the 11:30 am tour only having four kayakers from Belgium and the 3:00 pm tour only had two kayakers from Germany.? A cold front started pushing through Naples yesterday, which brought cooler temperatures, lower humidity and higher winds making for a very comfortable kayak tour.? The higher winds typically have little effect on the East River kayak tour due to the numerous Mangroves surrounding our whole route.? This kayak route paddles through a few smaller ponds no bigger than the size of a football field.? These smaller bodies of water allow for great cover on windier days.? I always mention to our kayakers in Naples that wind is not usually a factor, which is not the case on our kayak tours in Colorado.? Colder temperatures at night typically encourage the Manatees to start congregating in great numbers in the Fakaunion Canal.? Our Manatees and Mangroves kayak tour operates off of the Fakaunion canal and when the water temperatures in the Naples, Florida area start to dip below 75 degrees manatees start to look for warmer water.? Be on the lookout for a good report of manatees very soon.?

?Kayak with?Alligators on the East River

Naples kayak adventures
Kayaking with Alligators

While kayaking the East River both kayak tours had some close encounters with a few smaller alligators inside the Mangrove Tunnels.? We don?t often see them inside the tunnels but when we do the alligators will typically move over to one side then dip down to the bottom, allowing us to pass safely on one side of the mangrove tunnel.? The first pond at the kayak launch is usually the freshest water being farther away from the Gulf of Mexico, which means there are usually 4 or 5 larger alligators floating on the top.? Yesterday?s kayak tours were no different, the first kayak tour started out with a larger eight to nine-foot gator twenty yards from the put-in and all of our East River kayak tours have spotted two larger gators on the last PVC pole in the freshwater pond.?

Bird Watching on the East River from a kayak

The birding wasn?t at its best on this Naples kayak adventure which is typical of changing weather conditions.? We did, however, get to see some Black Crown Night herons on both kayak tours.? Black Crown Night Herons are often hard to spot and will sometimes remain still and silent allowing our kayakers to pass right by without even knowing they are there.? There were numerous noisy Kingfishers and Great Blue Herons along with a good bit of Ospreys soaring over us looking for their next fish catch. As always on the Fakahatchee kayak tour there were tons of Green Herons hiding deep in the mangrove roots, they were somewhat difficult to spot with the cloud cover but we managed to spot a few from our kayak.? The second tour saw the most bird action and right at the start, we were fortunate enough to spot the magnificent Wood Stork soaring over us.? These are easy birds to spot from your kayak due to their 5-foot wingspan and their black and white color combination.? The Wood stork was actually listed on the Endangered Species list in 1984 but was downgraded to threatened in 2014. ?

Expected Kayaking Conditions

Naples kayak adventures
Kayaking near Naples

We are still at the tail end of the rainy season which provides birds and alligators with numerous foraging grounds outside of our normal kayaking areas around Naples and the unseasonably warmer October did not encourage the large migrations south for many birds.? However, the cold front that passed through most of the southeast this weekend definitely pushed some birds south.? This combination of colder temps and dryer weather will make for some great kayak conditions in Naples, Marco Island, and the Everglades.

If you would like to go on a Naples kayak adventure with us on the East River please visit our kayak tour page or shoot us an email at info@adventurepaddletours.com.? All of our guided kayak tours are within 30 minutes of Naples and Marco Island. The East River, Fakahatchee kayak tour is by far is the best and closest backcountry kayak tour you will find outside of Naples.? This tour is now going out daily at 9 am, and 3 pm.? Join us on a kayak tour today to spot some of this amazing wildlife for yourself!

Choosing the right kayak paddle for Naples, Florida Kayaking

With the arrival of our new kayak gear here in Naples, Florida I decided to write about the different types of kayak gear necessary while kayaking in Naples, Florida.? In this article, I will discuss your kayak paddle.? This is the second piece of kayak equipment after your PFD that we recommend you splurge on. Why you ask? It is the most personal part of your kayak gear.? Your kayak paddle is in your hand 99% of the time while on a kayak trip in Naples!? So when you are ready, take the plunge and buy the best paddle you can afford. Now, how do you know what kayak paddle is best or right for you? ?

Recreational, fiberglass touring and Carbon Touring Paddles

There are three basic categories when it comes to kayak paddles. Each type of kayak paddle is designed for the conditions of the area you intend to paddle, the type of kayak you?ll be in and the type of kayaking you plan to do. ? There are Recreational, Whitewater and touring paddles. If you plan on kayak Naples, Florida, you want to purchase either a recreational or touring kayak paddle.?

Whitewater Kayak Paddles

There is no whitewater to kayak in Naples.? Whitewater kayak paddles are typically heavier, stronger and made of either carbon fiber or fiberglass. The heavier weight associated with a stronger whitewater kayak paddle isn?t necessary when kayaking the Everglades or Naples. ? These paddles will definitely work here, but there is no need to spend the extra money on a more expensive kayak paddle designed for a different type of kayaking unless you plan to kayak surf.

Recreational Kayak Paddles

Recreational Kayak Paddle
Aluminum Shaft Recreational Kayak Paddle

Recreational kayak paddles are going to be your basic $20-$60 paddles, typically equipped with an aluminum shaft and some type of plastic blade.? These kayak paddles are fine for the once a month kayaker, but if you start to kayak any distance at all you will notice fatigue in your arms and shoulders.? These kayak paddles are typically heavy and the paddle blades aren?t always designed for any one type of paddle stroke. These are also the types of paddles that 99% of the kayak tours in Naples, Florida use. These paddles will work and are great starter paddles if you are unsure of how much you will actually kayak. If you can afford it, go the next step up and purchase a touring kayak paddle. Adventure Paddle Tours is committed to your comfort, which is why we have made the switch to all fiberglass shaft kayak paddles on our kayak tours in Naples. To learn more about Adventure Paddle Tours click here.

Touring Kayak Paddles

Full Carbon Touring Kayak Paddle
Full Carbon Touring Kayak Paddle

Touring kayak paddles are definitely your go-to paddle design if you plan to go kayaking in Naples, the Everglades or the Marco Island area often.? Touring kayak paddles are often constructed of lighter, stiffer and less corrosive materials. This is super important if you are kayaking any distances in the saltwater in Florida.? These kayak paddles will also have a blade shape designed for either a high angle stroke or a low angler stroke.? Touring kayak paddles can range from $100 for your fiberglass shafts and up to $400 for a full carbon fiber construction. While on a kayak tour with Adventure Paddle Tours, we teach a low angle stroke. This kayak stroke is typically less stressful on the shoulders and more efficient for longer kayaking trips.? Paddle blades designed for this type of stroke are typically long and slender, whereas a high angler kayak blade will have a boxier designed to push as much water as possible.? ?

Fiberglass Shaft Kayak Paddle
Fiberglass Shaft Touring Kayak Paddle

All of our kayak tours in Naples, Florida are up to 6 miles long and having the lightest and most fatigue free paddle is important to us.? That is why if you jump on a kayak tour with Adventure Paddle Tours you will be equipped with the best paddles, life jackets and kayaks available.? For our adult kayakers, we use a 34-ounce fiberglass shaft touring kayak paddle, American made by Aquabound in Osceola, Wisconsin.? For our younger kayakers, we provide them with a much lighter carbon fiber shaft, child-specific kayak paddle called the Sharky.? This paddle is also made by Aquabound and it is sure to keep those kiddos happy while on a kayak tour in Naples, Florida. ?

Children's Carbon fiber kayak paddle
"The Sharkie" Carbon Fiber Shaft kids paddle

I am a firm believer that you don?t need the newest most expensive gear to get out and enjoy your kayaking in Naples, Florida but again if you want to start kayaking more and more do yourself a favor and buy a kayak touring life jacket and paddle.? Our new kayak specific PFDs should arrive in Naples sometime early next week.? Be on the lookout for a new article explaining why a kayak touring PFD will make you happy and comfortable while kayaking in Naples, Florida!

If you want to paddle the different types of paddles Book a kayak tour today and we will be happy to bring multiple options.

Best Places to Kayak in Naples, Florida

Want to go kayaking in Naples, Florida? While the Southwest Florida coast is known for our award-winning sandy beaches, the inland mangrove system and backwaters also offers a beautiful piece of nature to explore.

A great way to experience the landscape and see the wildlife is to take a kayaking trip in Naples. Kayaking is also a great way to get outside and exercise but is low impact and leisurely enough that people of any age and activity level can participate, so it?s a perfect activity for families, couples, and other small groups.

Here are some of the best places to kayak in Naples from the expert Florida Master Naturalists at Adventure Paddle Tours.

Fakahatchee State Park

Kayaking in the Florida Everglades

The Fakahatchee State Park allows you to disconnect from the crowded roads and truly immerse yourself in a nature and wilderness experience. As the largest state park in Florida, the park is rooted in conservation and preserving the natural land Southwest Florida has to offer.

There is zero development in the area minus the dirt road used to access the water. There are four major components to the park ? The East River Canoe Launch, the Big Cypress Bend Boardwalk, the Jones Grade Lakes, and Janes Memorial Scenic highway.

We offer our guided kayak eco-tours out of the East River canoe launch, where for 2.5 hours you can explore backwater of Collier County. Through the Friends of Fakahatchee, you can also book swamp walks and interpretive boardwalk tours through the park.

Rookery Bay Reserve


One of the few remaining undisturbed mangrove systems in North America exists right here in our backyard in Naples at the Rookery Bay Research Reserve.

This highly biodiverse area is integral to the Everglades ecosystem, and due to its high chance of development was put into protection. The reserve is home to an environmental learning center where they have several programs to educate and help the community through marine conservation, as well as being home to a kayak launch site.

We also offer one of the most unique routes through Rookery Bay, where you can see abundant marine wildlife and even a little-known bald eagles? nest. We offer evening kayak tours where you can experience the sunset from a beautiful vantage point.

Port of the Islands Marina


The Port of the Islands Marina is a hidden gem, and one the premier marinas in Florida. It is located 20 miles from downtown Naples. With its prime location between the Everglades National Park, the Ten Thousand Islands National Wildlife Refuge, Big Cypress National Park, and the Picayune Strand and Fakahatchee Strand state parks, it is surrounded by mangrove forests and offers direct access to the Gulf. What makes kayaking from the marine so special is the opportunity to spot rare wildlife like alligators, river otters, birds, and manatees.

We?re able to offer exclusive kayak tours out of this port out of a private slip, giving you the opportunity to experience one of the most unique routes in the area with an expert guide.

Book A Guided Kayak Tour in Naples Today

If you want to experience an award-winning, Florida Master Naturalist Tour in Naples at one of these top locations, Adventure Paddle Tours is the kayaking company for you. We are a 5-year recipient of the TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence, and our customers have the best time while on our tours (see our Google reviews for proof).

All our tours are rooted in conservation and giving you a unique nature experience. Book a tour today or contact us for more information!


Things To Do in Naples, Florida

Are you taking a trip to Naples, Florida sometime soon?

Naples is consistently rated as one of our country?s best vacation spots, best places to retire, and was even ranked as one of America?s Happiest cities for three years in a row. With the beautiful warm weather in Southwest Florida, Naples is a popular vacation spot, particularly in the weekend months.

Whether you are taking a quick weekend trip or escaping the weather up north to spend your winter months down here, there are plenty of things to do while in Naples.

Popular Shopping & Dining in Naples

One of the best things to do in Naples is to enjoy the variety of dining options. There are over 700 restaurants in Naples, with a variety of cuisine ranging from casual to fine dining. There are also many great places to go shopping, and with the year-round great weather, we have many popular outdoor areas where you can shop and dine.

A popular spot in Naples is 5th Avenue South, which is in the heart of downtown Naples. Here you can find fine dining options like Ocean Prime or Trulucks, casual cafes, ice cream shops, and more. Whether you?re looking for a fancy dinner, casual happy hour, or a quick lunch, you can find somewhere here. Most restaurants have outdoor seating, the area is walkable and there are also shops and entertainment options around.

Another popular dining option in Naples is Celebration Park. The new spot, which opened in 2018, is the perfect place to enjoy a casual night in Naples. It features a range of popular local food trucks like Dilly?s Seafood and Gigi?s Gourmet, as well as a full bar with outdoor seating. They also have happy hour, daily drink specials, and live music.

Finally, there is Mercato in North Naples. This is a popular spot for shopping, dining, and nightlife in Naples. Restaurant options range from fine dining to casual. Silverspot movie theater is a great spot to catch a movie and enjoy the full kitchen and bar.

Outdoor Things to do in Naples

Dining and shopping are great things to enjoy in Naples, but what really sets it apart from other vacation destinations is enjoying the great weather with beautiful outdoor activities.

Naples is most known for its beautiful beaches which are often ranked among the best beaches in the world. With 16 miles of shoreline, there are many different access points where you can park and walk to the beach and enjoy the soft white sand, clear waters, and ocean air. Popular beaches include the Naples Pier, Vanderbilt Beach, and Clam Pass.

Other attractions in Naples include the Naples Botanical Gardens, where you can explore 170 acres of preservation land and cultivated gardens; or the Naples Zoo, where you can see giraffes, big cats, lemurs, and more.

If you?re looking to get the most out of the outdoors in Naples, one of the best things to do will be to take a guided kayak tour in Naples.

Take A Guided Kayak Tour in Naples, Florida

A great way to make the most of your vacation, enjoy the outdoors, and experience the beautiful scenery that Naples has to offer is to take a guided kayak tour through the mangroves.

Adventure Paddle Tours offers expertly guided kayak tours through the East River Fakahatchee State Park, Rookery Bay, and Port of the Islands Marina.

The tours are great for beginners, ages 6 and up, and give you the opportunity to explore the mangroves and see animals like manatees and river otters. For small groups of up to 8 guests per tour, our award-winning guides will lead your group and help you get the best experience of Florida?s natural ecosystem.

To take a guided kayak tour with Adventure Paddle Tours in Naples, book online today!